Trendmovements.com is a blog about trading and all things surrounding trading. We would like to encourage discussion and accept insight on your views on markets and philosophy.

We tend to focus observations on trend following, as we believe the markets tend to, but not always move in trend patterns. We encourage comments and input from people who both agree and disagree with out views.

As we believe trading is a psychologically demanding field, we would like to also tress the importance of “mental fitness” as well. This leaves us a broad range of topics to cover and discuss.

With this site we hope to educate, and most importantly, be educated by your thoughts and experience.

Thank you for your interest and feedback.


Trendmovements.com is written by Tahric Finn and Chad Grant.

Chad and I met both hold degrees in Communications Studies from the University of Windsor (Windsor, Canada).


We are currently active stock traders. We have spent the last few years trading as well as testing our trading methodology.

Chad has also spent the last few years developing and testing trading systems with a concentration in commodities. He also has done extensive work customizing spreadsheets, used to streamline the trading process.


 Chad Grant






Chad O. Grant


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Tahric Finn
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