Stop Multitasking

Pay attention! I watched this thing on one of those news magazine shows a long time ago. It was about texting while walking. Since then I’ve seen laws passed to ban texting and driving.

I think it makes total sense to ban something so senseless and dangerous. However, texting while driving is a part of what I think is a bigger problem, and that’s the idea of multitasking. Multitasking is a term that describes the ability of a computer to handle many processing tasks at the same time, since most processing tasks don’t push the computers capacity. This way many things can be done while tasks are being completed in the background. For example, its possible for a computer to do a heavy task like rendering video, while playing music, and running a word processing program and download a few movies simultaneously.

So what does this mean? If we do a few things at once we will get a lot more done. Imagine getting those emails and phone calls done by the time we finish the drive. The only problem is, most people are terrible at multitasking.

I see how bad people are at it, and I constantly realise how bad I am at it. Lets not get into stories of people getting hit by trucks or trains while texting(even though I just did). Just think about how bad your conversation becomes when your phone vibrates, and all you can think about is staring at it….. Why doesn’t this guy stop talking about….  Must check message. We have a constant obsession to do something else.

How about when you sit at the computer, to start writing, but before you do, you just have to check that email. Ohh, I like that. Click click click. 4 hours?!? What happened? The instinct here is to go into grumpy old man mode and complain about these youngsters and all these new fangled gadgets and doodads. A lot of us have the doodads. But, I don’t blame the gadgets. The gadgets in my mind have simply exposed a lack of focus so many of us have. This conflicts with the focus and dillegence associated with accomplishments.

So what’s the answer? Well I’m not sure how to change my abilities or twitches, but I do know that multitasking is for computers and should never be attempted. At least not until we have computer components in us, to help us. You can listen to music while driving and walking, but emailing while walking equals a bad email and poor, scary, walking. So, do one thing at once. If you have to drive, be driving, and accept that you’re driving. If you’re reading, turn off the TV and just read. If you’re emailing, just email. Finish one task, check it off the list and do another. You may not get them all done in a day, but you’ll get a lot more done than when attempting two at once.

You’re not a computer. You’re brain is made of live meat. Besides, a computer can be backed up onto another drive before getting hit while texting, we can’t be downloaded onto drives.


Tahric Finn

Author: admin

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