Breaking Down Obstacles

Broken wallAs I was riding this morning, a memory came into my head. Years back I did a documentary called rastamentary,which is a documentary on Rastafarian belief. One of the people I interviewed was Billy Mystic, a musician/surfer. He was one of my most memorable interviews. He said something that struck me, but ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak, since it didn’t quite fit into the doc.

We were talking about the abilities of man. While we have abilities, effort is what counts on an individual level when it comes to accomplishments or overcoming obstacles.

He said something to the effect of;

If you’re stuck behind a big wall, you might look at that wall and say, I’m never going to be able to break down such a big wall. It might take me 7 years. But, because the wall is in the way, you start to scratch away at it with your fingernail. You scratch and scratch, until u have a hole big enough to fit your finger into, where you can pull away more of the wall.

After years, you may have made only a small dent in that wall.
You may dig into the wall and find that after a few months, a big piece of the wall just falls down.

But if you just stand there and say the wall will take too long to break, 7 years later, the wall will there.

I’ve paraphrased what he said, but the idea is stuck in my head. It hasn’t come to mind in years, but there it was this morning. What it basically comes down to, is, while the goal is important, the process of getting there is ever more important. A goal is just a thing you imagine, but is achievable only through action. Even if the goal is never reached, the process matters. Another problem that is not often thought about is, what if the goal is achieved? Then what is the purpose? Through new direction and continued action, more can be achieved. But, stepping out and beginning is what gets things done.

Start scratching at the wall.

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Tahric Finn

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