Mike Warren’s, How to Make 37%

I’ve just finished reading How To Make 37% (Tax-Free) Without the Stock Market, by Mike Warren.

It’s a nice, fast read. Mike Warren explains the concept of buying judgement liens and collecting on those liens when the property the lien is on gets sold. Thats an oversimplification of course, but its a sharp way to make money.

Warren also discusses interest, retirement funds,forming a business, and a few other things, while explaining the events that led up to his current life.

The book got me very interested in the idea of buying debt agreements, so I’ll take a closer look at it.

I’m always amazed at the number of ways to make money out there.




Tahric Finn


Warren, Mike. How To Make 37% (Tax-Free) Without the Stock Market. Garden City, New York. Morgan James Publishing. 2011.

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