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This has nothing to do with money management or trading. Perhaps it does,  that’s if you have your management issue is finding ways to unload six and a half million US$.

Orsos is the name of an Austrian firm that is set to manufacture one of the coolest looking concepts I’ve seen in a while. It’s a man made floating “island.” from my understanding, it’s a sort of yacht without an engine. That possibly makes it the sweetest raft out there.

The island measures 20 by 37 meters. The island sleeps 12 and has 1000 square meters of living space. It comes equipped with wind generators and solar panels that provide power to the island. It has no engine, but can be towed and anchored anywhere it’s owner pleases, giving you a private island that an be docked just about anywhere in the world.

My advice; avoid pirate territory. Since being in Taiwan and witnessing a bunch of typhoons I’ve developed a new respect (fear) of the ocean, but a place to hang out on the water would be swell on a nice day.

“The interest has been massive from all over the world, from Australia, China, the United States. We have already had the first pre-orders and we have some potential buyers from Australia next week.” Gabor Orsos said. [1]

Manufacturing of the islands hasn’t started yet, but the first of them should be ready in 18 months to 2 years from now.

Like I said, this has nothing to do with money management, but if your problem is having too much money and not wanting to die with it all, here’s an answer to that problem. This is definitely an interesting, creative project. I always like to see innovative ways that people can make money. I wish Orsos success on his venture.

Tahric Finn


AFP, Vienna. A man-made, floating ‘island’ can be yours for just a few million. The China Post. June 27, 2012. p10.

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