The cost of raising a child

How much do you really want a kids? Very much you say? $234,900 US for clothes, shelter and other necessities please! Relax, you have seventeen years! If you want to send them to college,  make that $295,560 inflation adjusted dollars. [1]

A report by the US government predicts that middle class families  will spend on $234,900 in the first seventeen years of a fairly new (2011) kid’s life.

If you didn’t know that kids were expensive, now you have a ballpark figure. I didn’t know the calculated cost, but I figured it was six figures. It makes sense. You have this person living in your house for seventeen years. They eat, they play sports, they get hurt and sick, go on trips, break stuff, have hobbies, and bikes. It adds up.

Obviously, if you were looking at kids from a strictly robotic, cost effective point of view they’d make no sense, unless you had them working on the farm or in a family business. Something in our nature just makes us want to have them. Something’s are unquantifiable. A quarter million may be a bargain to some because of the value of the experience of raising a person. A person you’ll eventually set free into the wild, with the lessons you gave them.

I think it’s worth it, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just nature. There are some things that are hard to quantify. It’s hard to get over things we’ve been doing for thousands of years. Now we have a figure we can put to it. kids are worth is for many people, but we should at least consider the costs since costs are real too.

Tahric Finn


1.)Gillam, Carey. Reuters. Cost of kid-raising hits US$234,900 in US. China Post. June 16, 2012. p6.

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