Occupy Wall Street

occupy wall street protest

Photo by Matt Mcdermont

the past few weeks we’ve seen the “Occupy Wall Street” protests growing in size and notoriety. Occupy Wall Street started with a small group of college students staying in Zuccotti Park, which is located near New York City’s financial district.[i] After numbers exploded, and the group endured 700 arrests in New York last weekend, the hundreds grew stronger in their determination to hold their ground.

The movement is said by some to be inspired by the Arab Spring movement, which has changed much of the political climate in the Middle East. The people have taken up picket signs in opposition to a few things, most of which have to do with social inequity. Wall Street, or corporate greed is one of the top items being condemned.

Protests have popped up in Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Kansas City, Missouri, and Los Angeles.[ii]

Billionaire George Soros expressed sympathy for the protesters when asked about the protests in a news conference being held at the UN headquarters.[iii]

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